Formative Activities

The Centre Activities Challenge works on:

Learning Spaces

The teacher facilitates the students’ activities and experiences, inside or outside the classroom, which contribute to attaining the objectives established by the centre.

Attainment of the educational objectives set by the centre depends on all the experiences each student has throughout their schooling, both inside and outside the classroom. Therefore, students’ non-academic training activities are decisive for attaining the objectives established in the centre’s education plan.

Learning Spaces Challenge

This Challenge aims to teach you how to make the most of the available spaces in the classroom and in the education centre, using all the resources and supports at your disposal for learning, designing practical and creative spaces that also facilitate self-learning, that enable suitable and flexible use according to the objectives that are to be achieved and students’ training needs. In addition, also to give students the opportunity to co-create to benefit from all the possibilities that their imaginations allow, to take advantage of any corner of the centre and the classroom; an extraordinary way to promote and develop their creativity and learning.

This challenge comprises three skills:


The objective of this skill is to design learning environments relating to the content and objectives to be attained, systematically using available materials and resources (for example, visual elements, students’ own work and products, reorganisation of spaces, decorations) to create, with the help of the students, spaces relating to the content, where they learn just by being there.

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This skill aims to enable the teacher to create work spaces taking into account the philosophy of workshops, in which students are able to use the material to create their own challenges.

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Through the knowledge covered in this skill, the teacher will be able to use the classroom spaces flexibly to facilitate the learning content and objectives, as well as addressing the diverse needs.

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