Professional Development

Challenges that work on the Professional Development Competency:

Educational Leadership

The teacher actively participates in the actions required for professional development.

Each teacher’s ability to implement specific methodologies in the classroom, as well as to organise themselves around the educational objectives, is key to guaranteeing teaching processes and students’ learning results. Therefore, the professional development of teaching staff must correspond to the necessary characteristics and competencies so they can apply the agreed teaching methodology, controlling the diverse variables and their relationship with the learning objectives and purposes they wish to achieve.

This development includes welcoming newcomers, their participation, the alignment of teaching practices with the common methodology of the centre, the spaces for shared reflection on education practice, their ability to live by the values they aim to teach, the detection of training needs, assessment of their competencies and recognition of appropriate practices, among others.

 Educational Leadership Challenge

Through this Challenge you will learn to guide your continuous training, to stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge in the subject you teach, on your teaching methodology and the way people learn, resulting in intrinsic motivation to attain your goals.

This challenge comprises three skills:


The objective of this skill is to enable teachers to implement classroom observation processes among teachers, using appropriate tools and techniques to facilitate peer learning and improve professional practice.

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With this skill the teacher will be able to efficiently manage their time to be more productive and to obtain better results.

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This skill will enable teachers to coordinate and/or participate in an assessment session of a teaching team, as a space for teachers to share, to analyse the education process, the evolution and results obtained by students to help improve the learning.

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