Teaching Organisation

Challenges that work on the Teaching Organisation Competency:

Learning Communities

With their colleagues, the teacher promotes the most effective and productive organisation to support the necessary teaching methodology to produce the desired learning.

To guarantee the teaching processes and students’ learning results, the education centre must be organised according to the common teaching methodology, as the objectives of the organisation as well as its structure and its system of interpersonal relationships influence the application of the methodology in the classrooms.

Therefore, timetables must adapt to the methodologies (and not vice versa), as well as to the infrastructure, furniture, schedule of activities, the organisational chart, communication with students and their families, and also to the alliances established with the education community. Each teacher must be able to participate in these accommodations, organising their teaching to make the most of the available time for their professional practice.

 Learning Communities Challenge

This Challenge prepares you to develop learning activities that involve all the relevant education agents, taking advantage of the means and resources that institutional alliances provide, and focussing on the teacher who reflects on their practice, analysing their students’ results, to self-educate themselves professionally and meet the expectations of the education community.

This challenge comprises three skills:


The objective of this skill is to recognise, assess and develop teaching activities that involve the different surrounding collectives, groups and institutions in the teacher’s educational activities and those of the centre, to enrich and promote the quality and belonging of their students’ learning.

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This skill aims to enable the teacher to identify and plan learning activities using the different alliances of the education centre as teaching resources, to attain the expected objectives taking into consideration the quality of students’ learning.

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Through the knowledge covered in this skill, the teacher will be able to modify the teaching practice towards continuous improvement, making relevant and appropriate teaching decisions based on the information coming from the teaching assessment system, considering the level of satisfaction and compliance of expectations of the education community as a whole.

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