Challenges that work on the Timing Competency:

Addressing Diversity

The teacher formulates the sequencing and order of the content.

To guarantee learning of the contents, it is necessary that they progress throughout the training in accordance with criteria starting from the most simple to the most complex, from the nearest to the furthest, and according to students’ abilities. This progression must permit the sequencing of contents by levels or course. The sequencing and order responds to the question, When to teach? and, therefore, it is an essential element to organise and optimise the teaching process and students’ learning to the max.

Addressing Diversity Challenge

With this Challenge, we propose developing skills to address the diversity of students, which depends on our ability, in practice, to respect the logic of each discipline, students’ different rhythms and methods of learning in each classroom, and to create well sequenced planning that favours interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity, to obtain flexible and contextualised teaching.

This challenge comprises three skills:


The objective of this skill is to give the teacher the ability to determine the sequencing and timing of content, taking the logical and natural sequence of daily activities as a reference, as well as students’ diversity.

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This skill aims for the teacher to be able to determine the relationship of the content they teach with that of other areas, taking students’ knowledge into consideration.

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Through the knowledge cover in this skill, teachers will be able to design educational intervention proposals that can be modified as they are delivered, depending on the interaction with students, their interests and contributions, as well as the intended learning objectives.

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