Time management

Challenges that work on the Time Management Competency:

Coaching in the Classroom

The teacher manages the time required for the teaching and learning activities depending on each student’s real needs and the intended learning.

The teacher’s teaching process and each student’s learning process require the setting of times that are coherent. The available time is limited, therefore, it is necessary that the teaching and learning activities, as well as the intended objectives, take this availability into consideration. Likewise, it is necessary for time to be organised depending on the real needs of the teaching and of the desired learning.

Coaching in the Classroom Challenge

This challenge will facilitate the formulation and development of learning to achieve effective time management and to meet students’ individual learning needs, designing experiences and using constructive feedback, while learning to apply coaching techniques, active listening strategies and questions that contain stimulating challenges in individual or group conversations, which enable, encourage and improve learning.

This challenge comprises three skills:


Through the knowledge covered in this skill, the teacher will be able to develop educational coaching techniques through one-to-one and group conversations that enable learning and development to improve, through an increase in self-awareness and the sense of personal responsibility, in which the teacher facilitates students’ self-directed learning through active listening and questions that suitably challenge them in a stimulating and supportive environment.

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The objective of this skill is to design learning experiences to meet students’ individual needs, recognising their differences and adjusting the teaching accordingly, personalised activities and projects, creating one-to-one sessions and small group activities.

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This skill aims for the teacher to know and use constructive feedback techniques, both in the classroom and in professional contexts.

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