Gamification of Learning

This Challenge aims to develop teaching skills to motivate students, using familiar language and tools to take advantage of the strength of expressing ideas through drawing and images (visual thinking), organising participatory experiences of educational games, developing a visual language and making it entertaining through techniques, such as the creation, recreation and narration of motivating stories (story telling) that provoke emotions and increase empathy and trust, and for teachers and students to reflect together on the work done.

45 hours on-line with Academic Recognition*:

24 hours approx. on the Platform (Theory)
21 hours approx. in the Classroom (Practice)

* Escalae Chair for Educational Innovation of the University of Malaga

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Developing the following skills:


Express ideas through drawings and images, simple or complex, and to establish different kinds of relationships between them both, to make it easier to understand the idea being expressed; in other words, that it enables the relationship between idea-drawing to be quickly and easily identified.


Design participatory educational experiences where games play the main role, understanding the limitations of the participants, developing a visual language, creating different levels of complexity, making it entertaining, connecting the learning to previous experiences, replacing words with actions and maximising cooperation.


Design learning proposals with a common narrative theme able to motivate students to attain the objectives.


The Gamification of Learning Challenge enables the teacher to master the use of new forms of representation, expression and learning to design, plan and implement educational leisure activities, ensuring they are fun, that they involve tension, uncertainty, chance, problem solving, all in a unique and experimental context that facilitates the learning of curriculum content and development of the necessary competencies for personal development and professional learning, as well as coexistence and human relationships.

This Challenge entails an effort to understand that learning also needs other forms of expression that, supported by the available platforms and technologies, are increasingly accepted among the new generations like the art of storytelling, but we need to know how to establish the narrative objectives for specific audiences, making use of the wide variety of available tools that enable the creation and adaptation of the settings and stories depending on the intended learning objectives.

The basic learning material in the Gamification of Learning Challenge comprises descriptions of situations for practical application and an extensive library of resources to study this approach in depth.

Competency objectives:

The Gamification of Learning Challenge enables:

  • Integration of the motivating force that leads to all forms of graphic expression (analogical and digital), allowing the schematic but direct link of powerful ideas, messages and thoughts through visual representation that facilitate the learning process.
  • New forms of representation, expression and learning to be used to design, plan and implement educational leisure activities.
  • The use of games for learning curriculum content and developing the necessary competencies for personal and professional development.
  • Understanding of the forms of expression that, supported by available platforms and technologies, generate learning and acceptance among the new generations.
  • Comprehension of the art of storytelling, establishing the narrative objectives for specific audiences, making use of settings and stories depending on the intended learning objectives.


Through a personalised self-analysis, we will analyse and propose the course that best suits you, to first work on the skills you need most to develop your teaching competencies following your chosen Challenge.

We will propose:

  • Practical case studies and different scenarios of educational practice
  • Theory relating to the subject matter
  • Proposal for application in your classroom or work environment
  • Simulation
  • Self-assessment
  • Indications, suggestions and examples to implement real practice, gather evidence and share it with other colleagues.

Peer-to-peer tutoring:

TeachersPro is designed to develop teaching skills and competencies through interaction with other peers, expanding professional criteria through effective studying and sharing of practical situations in diverse contexts.

Our great commitment is that you can share your acquired knowledge and learning with the TeachersPro community comprising colleagues from different parts of the world, that you see yourself as a potential tutor for other teachers, and other participants as potential tutors for your own training.

You can ask for help through the TeachersPro community, as well as sharing your ideas and evidence of your practice, creating an exchange of knowledge that benefits everyone.

Personalised tutoring:

If needed, you can always turn to our team of expert tutors to give you constructive and rigorous feedback on your own evidence. You can sign up for this service on the Platform whenever you need it.


You will also have the chance to review the portfolios of other teachers with whom you share common interests and share evidence of your work on the TeachersPro Platform.


TeachersPro certifies the knowledge you acquire through a badge system. If you wish, at the end of each Learning Challenge you can obtain a professional teaching certificate for the competency you have completed through a specific tutor, and recognition from Finland University (the most important consortium of public universities in Finland).

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Gamification of Learning

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